Emergency Response

Client: JB Hunt
Sector: Industrial
Location: Ayer, MA
Service: Pollution Assessment & Remediation, Emergency Response

The Challenge:

ayer-ma-emergency-responseA national transportation company suffered damages to an intermodal box containing industrial cleaners during an off-loading at a regional intermodal facility. The container held buckets, drums, and totes of various industrial cleaners and strippers, which ruptured and leaked out of the container and onto the ground. Because the contents of the container were not readily known, the event prompted a full hazardous material response by local, state and federal agencies.

The Environmental Services Provided:

SAK worked with regulators and led the response actions which included immediate on-site presence, air monitoring, and research of shipping manifests to ID chemicals, compatibility, and explosion risk. Entry into the intermodal container was performed using self-contained breathing equipment (OSHA Level B PPE). The contents were segregated for disposal verse re-use and documentation was collected to support insurance claims.

Summary of Services:

• Pollution Assessment & Remediation
• Emergency Response
• Risk Management
• Regulatory Coordination

The Result:

SAK was able to rule out imminent environmental threats and the intermodal container was off-loaded and decontaminated. Impact to the environment was limited to surface soil and pavement.