Environmental Compliance

Client: Axcelis Technologies
Sector: Industrial
Location: Beverly, MA
Service: Permitting & Compliance

The Challenge:

beverly-ma-industrial-permittingA manufacturer of semi-conductor ion implanters has required various environmental compliance services over the years including, Stormwater monitoring and training under EPA’s Multi-Sector General Permit, air source registration, and third-party ISO 14001:2004 compliance audit of the facility’s Environmental Management System (EMS).

The Environmental Services Provided:

An EMS audit that included the review of operations, maintenance, record keeping, reporting and employee training for RCRA hazardous waste management, industrial pre-treatment, , VOC emissions monitoring and Integrated Facility Contingency Plan. SAK identified deficiencies and areas for improvement, and provided recommendations for regulatory compliance as well as cost savings.

SAK conducted initial stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP) training for the team consisting of Plant Manager, EHS Manager, Manufacturing Manager, Facilities Department, and other individuals that may handle or manage oil or hazardous materials. The SWPPP employee training curriculum included: key definitions in the Plan, stormwater pollution sources at the facility, stormwater drainage patterns and infrastructure, current pollution prevention practices, emergency response equipment, communication requirements in the event of a release, and regulatory reporting requirements if a release occurred.

On-going environmental services include quarterly monitoring and 3-year air source registration (ASR). The 2012 ASR included a detailed inventory of 50+ combustion units and 70+ process exhaust fans, eliminating those less than 10 ft and several inactive units from ASR reporting. An inventory spreadsheet was submitted to DEP with the ASR, which will improve future reporting efforts for Axcelis.

Summary of Services

  • Facilities
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • EMS Audit
  • NPDES MSGP Compliance
  • Monitoring
  • SWPPP Training
  • Air Source Registration

The Result:

SAK provided environmental compliance services to help Axcelis generate better results in terms of loss control and resource allocation and is able to keep focus on their core business.