Specialists in Geothermal Well System Testing and Design

SAK Environmental assists the Boston Architectural College in the city’s first Green Alley project.  The Green Alley Program is designed to increase storm water runoff in imperviously paved urban areas.  The concept first started in 1999 under Seattle’s Street Edge Alternative.  In 2006, Chicago’s Department of Transportation spearheaded an effort to revitalize neglected urban alleyways through regarding, porous pavement, and bioswales.  These same concepts are being used here at the Boston Architectural College, Public Alley #444 (off Hereford Street).   SAK Environmental is conducting field testing and computer simulation of groundwater mounding from the alley’s new recharge basin that return storm water to the ground that was previously discharged off-site through the city’s storm water drainage system.  SAK Environmental is also assisting in the design of BAC’s geothermal heating and cooling system as part of the colleges’ $14M tandem renovation project.  Engineers at SAK Environmental are conducting design investigations that include pump tests on this multi standing column well ground couple.