Asbestos Abatement

Client: Confidential
Sector: Industrial
Location: Boston, MA
Service: Pollution Assessment & Remediation

The Challenge:

boston-ma-industrial-pollutionA national provider of cogeneration steam and electricity experienced a burst underground steam pipe overnight in a public area. A large hole in the ground formed when a steam line expansion joint failed and the rupture spread asbestos debris and fibers over a two blocks area. Public ways and privately owned buildings were shut down due to the contamination.

The Environmental Services Provided:

SAK, acting as the owner’s environmental consultant, was onsite within one hour of being notified of the burst and conducted continuous 24-hour monitoring for a two week period. SAK was responsible for notifying City, State and Federal agencies of the event, prepared and executed a decontamination and sampling plan, and provided necessary reports documenting and closing out the project.

SAK oversaw remedial actions on paved surfaces, building faces, and building roofs. SAK prepared Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) Bills of Lading (BOL) for contaminated gravel removed from the rooftop of an affected building, and BOLs for the soil excavated to repair the steam pipe.

Following the completion of the field work, SAK prepared a Response Action Outcome report. SAK coordinated with multiple agencies including MA DEP, Boston Fire HazMat, Boston Police, various contractors. SAK held daily meetings to ensure the free flow of communication between all sources.

Summary of Services:

  • Remediation
  • Decontamination and Abatement
  • MCP Compliance
  • Emergency Response
  • Regulatory Coordination

The Result:

During the first 24 hours, SAK was able to grant access back to businesses located in the area. SAK ensured the protection of the public health and the verification of the site cleanup.