Leaking #6 Oil

Client: Trigen Boston Energy Company
Sector: Industrial
Location: Boston, MA
Service: Pollution Assessment & Remediation

The Challenge:

boston-ma-industrial-pollution-2Hundreds of gallons of Number 6 fuel oil leaked from a four inch diameter underground transmission line at Summer Street and Dorchester Avenue adjacent to Boston’s Fort Point Channel. The oil contaminated soil and groundwater and flooded nearby utility manholes. Emergency response actions recovered a significant quantity of oil, however residual oil remained in the subsurface and continued seeping through the sea wall into Fort Point Channel. The wall was grouted to temporarily remedy the condition, but prevented permanent closure under state rules. The site languished unresolved for several years costing the client for groundwater monitoring and regulatory compliance fees.

The Environmental Services Provided:

SAK was retained to evaluate conditions and determine the possibility of closure. Additional wells were installed to update conditions and fill data gaps. Because of the urban location, work was performed during the weekend to minimize impact to traffic flow.

Summary of Services:

  • Soil and Groundwater Sampling
  • LNAPL Assessment
  • MA LSP Services
  • Site Remediation
  • Site Closure

The Result:

SAK determined that residual contamination was minimal and LNAPL was not persistent. Given the urban location and absence of sensitive receptors, it was determined that permanent closure was possible without further cleanup.