Redevelopment of Apple Orchard

Client: City of Marlborough
Sector: Government
Location: Marlborough, MA
Service: Construction Support, Pollution Assessment and Remediation

The Challenge:

Marlboro-orchard-1Marlboro-orchard-2A multi-parcel commercial and residential development project was proposed on 50 acres of a former apple orchard. Prior testing indicated that the soil was contaminated with pesticides (DDT, DDD, DDE and Lead and Arsenic) from decades of agricultural use. These contaminated soil conditions required proper environmental mitigation and monitoring of the private development under the City’s Site Plan Approval for proper health safety construction procedures. Nearby residents were concerned about contamination to storm water runoff as well as airborne dust emissions from the planned construction to develop the site.

The Environmental Services Provided:

The City of Marlborough hired SAK Environmental to serve as a 3rd party City Agent to review and inspect environmental controls on the project to protect the health and safety of the neighboring community.

As an agent of the City of Marlborough, SAK conducted a technical peer review of the developer’s proposed soil and storm water management plans to ensure Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) compliance. Additionally, daily field inspectional services were provided during construction to ensure adherence to soil management plans, erosion and dust control, and storm water regulations. SAK coordinated closely with the Mayor, Conservation agent and Town Engineer, and met with community groups to discuss risk and mitigation factors.

Summary of Services

  • MCP compliance
  • Technical Review of Assessment and Remediation Plans
  • Community meetings
  • Erosion control inspections
  • Air monitoring

The Result:

SAK ensured the developer’s conformance to regulatory and project requirements to protect public and environmental health and safety. SAK alleviated community concerns by meeting with resident groups, interpreting technical data and regulations, and provided project updates relating to environment, health and safety.