Confidential Chemical Company

Client: Confidential Chemical Company
Sector: Industrial
Location: Southeastern MA
Service: Pollution Assessment and Remediation, Permitting & Compliance

Since 2005, SAK Environmental has provided environmental consulting services to a specialty chemical company that manufacturers’ polymers used in various health and beauty products.

The Challenge:

confidential-chemicalA chemical company has multiple manufacturing buildings, a tank farm, parking and wooded open space on a 50-acre site in Southeastern Massachusetts. Periodic spills or releases to the environment must be remediated properly and chemical storage tanks inspected to keep the facility in compliance.

Environmental Services Provided:

SAK has responded to a number of releases on the property to ensure proper remediation and regulatory documentation.

SAK Environmental responded to a sudden release of chemicals from a Massachusetts chemical plant which included 20,000 pounds of Alcohols, paraffin and other compounds in a reactor vessel released to the air. High winds carried and deposited the material over a 20-acre area that included the facility, woodlands and water bodies. SAK provided emergency LSP on-site services to define and manage response actions required under the MCP. Investigations included sampling and analysis of soil, groundwater, sediment and surface water, and completion of a Method 3 human health and ecological risk characterization. Remedial actions included recovery of solids by mechanical sweeping and vacuum trucks, and decontamination of paved surfaces by power washing. A Class A-1 RAO was achieved.

SAK’s has also assisted the facility by conducting building, site and tank farm inspections and environmental assessments. Conditions assessments have included testing sub-slab conditions from inside the building by installing borings and wells inside wastewater trenches in the building, and collecting soil and groundwater samples.


  • Pollution Assessment & Remediation
  • Emergency Response
  • MCP compliance
  • Tank Inspections
  • Risk Assessment

The Result:

SAK continues to provide on-going environmental support to the company on an as needed basis to keep the facility in compliance with regulations and minimize environmental risk.