Emergency Response and Rapid Assessment in Boston Mass.

Releases of oil or hazardous material in public, urban settings require emergency spill response actions at the highest level of proficiency.  Rapid asset deployment, targeted assessment, and thorough clean up by environmental remediation specialists are essential for the protection of human health, safety and the environment.   Anything less can result in excessive disruption to traffic and pedestrian flow, negative media coverage and criticism by regulators.

Hazmat Spill/Steam Pipe Explosion in Boston, Massachusetts

View of Steam Pipe Explosion, Boston, Massachusetts

SAK Environmental, headquartered in North Andover, Massachusetts, has responded to dozens of emergency releases for clients in downtown Boston and other public, urban centers. This includes a recent underground steam pipe burst, which released potentially dangerous asbestos fibers over half a city block in Boston.  Working closely with the MA DEP’s Field Assessment and Support Team (FAST)mobile laboratory and staff, SAK Environmental responded in less than 2 hours, coordinated with a dozen regulatory and other government agencies  and hazmat contractors, which ensured rapid assessment, measurement and clean up.

Areas of possible contamination were sampled, surfaces cleaned, and subsequently re-sampled for verification.  More than 300 samples were analyzed on-site in a mobile laboratory, rather than being shipped for offsite testing, which eliminated delay in

Environmental Consulting Cleanup, Boston, Massachusetts

Area of possible contamination being sampled and contained.

obtaining critical data and allowed SAK Environmental scientists and engineers to make real-time adjustments in the cleanup program.  SAK Environmental was the Owner’s environmental consulting firm providing 24-7 emergency response oversight and served as onsite environmental managers and Licensed Site Professional (LSP) of record for the response.