Environmental CheckPoint June 2011

Environmental Reporting Deadlines Fast Approaching

It’s that time of year and air emissions and toxics use reporting deadlines are upon us.  If you hold an air emissions permit (and are not a power plant, incinerator, or other major facility) this may be your year for triennial filing to MADEP.  If you don’t have a permit, you should document why.  Common activities that may require an  air emissions permit include major boilers, ovens and other heat-generating units,  coating, degreasing, and sanding/grinding operations.   Many in the food industry were surprised to found that they needed a permit even though they don’t use chemicals per say.  MADEP recently launched an industry-wide enforcement program on the baked-goods industry for emitting Ethanol, a by-product of yeast, without a permit.  Call Steve Sakakeeny at 978-688-7804 to determine your reporting date or if you should have an emissions permit.

Filing Dates for Triennial Air Source Registration Filers:  June 1 and July 15

If your facility “otherwise used” 10,000 pounds or more, or 1,000 pounds or more of a designated  High Hazard Substance of a regulated compound you may be subject to Toxic Use Reporting  to MADEP and EPA. Filing Date (link to our website) for Toxic Use Reporting:  July 1.

People News

Introducing Sherry Albert, P.E.
Sherry is a senior environmental and chemical engineer with 25 years of broad experience in environmental management and risk assessment for the commercial, industrial and public sectors.  She possesses a wide range of technical skills and in-depth knowledge of state/federal environmental regulations.  Her areas of expertise include human health risk assessment, Phase I site assessment and all phases of pollution assessment, Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP), toxics use reduction, pollution remediation, process design, industrial waste treatment, fate and transport modeling.  Ms. Albert received her Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering from University of Maryland and is a Registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts and New Hampshire.  Sherry had consulted to SAK Environmental prior to joining the staff.  Welcome Sherry!

Mark Grady & Steve Dowaliby Certified as Asbestos Inspectors
Two of our staff members were recently trained and certified as asbestos inspectors to better serve our clients.   Mark and Steve, both hold bachelor’s degrees in engineering and science respectively, and both work as field inspectors on a variety of ESA Phase I assessment, pollution remediation, and monitoring projects.  This additional training will provide our clients the added expertise of managing asbestos in building projects and hazmat spills.  Congratulations Mark & Steve!

Project Profile: Construction Monitoring for Environmental Compliance – MWRA Pipeline Project, Saugus, MA
SAK Environmental is providing comprehensive construction monitoring  for  on-site health & safety, and management of soil and groundwater to Albanese Bros. for the  replacement of nearly 2 miles of MWRA water line along Route 1 in Saugus, Massachusetts.  Prior testing indicated the presence of urban fill, metals and residual petroleum contamination in soil and groundwater, which needs to be tested and properly managed throughout the project.  Construction work will be performed at night for 12 to 18 months.

SAK prepared a Hazardous Materials  Health & Safety Plan, Excavated Materials Management Plan, MCP Utility Release Abatement Plan notification, NPDES Remediation General Permit application, and Dewatering Treatment Plan.   These plans required careful analysis of the prior hazardous materials reports and test results, and close coordination with the contractor and MWRA representatives.  SAK will provide onsite environmental monitoring and compliance inspections throughout the project.  Plans were reviewed, discussed and approved by MWRA and their engineer.

SAK is well acquainted with fast track construction projects involving hazardous materials management and is able to test and remedy hazmat spills with our licensed site professional and registered professional engineer.  Our OSHA trained field scientists and engineers are equipped to add value and manage situations real time in the field, providing cost saving alternatives to meet compliance requirements while in full environmental compliance.

New Contracts and Company News:

DCAM Prequalifies SAK for Environmental Consulting & Engineering
The state building authority in Massachusetts, the Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM), has approved SAK Environmental to provide environmental engineering services on building projects in the Commonwealth. Under the contract, SAK is approved for Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) support, Facility Assessment and Compliance/Due Diligence, and Hazardous Materials Inventories.  As a task order contract vehicle, our work may be include pollution remediation or assessment projects, environmental compliance audit, and supporting building projects for the construction of schools, hospitals, and court houses.

SAK on Winning Teams for Statewide Contract
SAK Environmental is a subcontractor to both The Cadmus Group and ERG on Massachusett’s OSD Statewide Contract PRF-46 for Management Consultants, Program Coordinators and Planner Services.  This contract is a simple and flexible way for municipalities and state agencies to receive program development services, program management or technical assistance, and program administration for a variety of environmental related projects.

SAK will be supporting our prime consultants and/or taking the lead depending on project requirements and  the client’s needs.  Examples of the types of projects that organizations can use this contract for include recycling, renewable energy, education and training, barriers studies, and programmatic evaluations.
SAK’s prior experience in this area include the projects below and demonstrate the environmental expertise and program management abilities of our group to complete a variety of projects for prospective clients:
* supporting Cadmus on providing technical assistance to municipalities on ground mounted solar PV arrays through DOER’s EECBG grant programs;
* supporting MADEP and private clients on solid waste ban compliance/recycling initiatives;
* and conducting stakeholder meetings for toxic use reduction through an OTA study

To learn more, contact Maureen at msakakeeny@sakenvironmental.com or use Comm-Pass to solicit a Quick Quote from our partners, ERG and/or The Cadmus Group.

SAK Recertified as WBE and DBE
In January SAK Environmental was recertified as a Woman Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) and a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) for Environmental Consulting and Engineering by the Commonwealth of MA Supplier Diversity Office (SDO, formerly SOMWBA).  SAK’s certification may be helpful for clients seeking to meet their diversity goals, while receiving practical advice, high quality technical analysis and deliverables, and responsive and flexible service from experienced engineers and scientists.