Federal Boiler Rule Compliance Deadline

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) boiler rules require sources to perform an initial tune-up by March 21, 2014. This rule applies to oil, biomass, and coal-fired boilers at institutional, industrial and commercial establishments. This rule does not apply to residential boilers, and gas fired or electric boilers.  The federal boiler rules are intended to reduce emissions of air pollutants by requiring, at a minimum, an initial tune-up of all boilers.  There are additional requirements for boilers greater than 10 million Btu/hr to conduct an energy assessment by March 21, 2014 and to identify cost-effective energy conservation measures.  The notice of compliance status must be submitted electronically through EPA’s Central Data Exchange, http://www.epa.gov/cdx/by July 19, 2014.  Read more at EPA.
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