Litigation Support-Expert Testimony

Client: LandStar Transportation
Sector: Industrial
Location: Massachusetts
Service: Pollution Assessment & Remediation

The Challenge:

MassPikeTransportation related spills happen to trucking companies all the time. It is an unfortunate part of their business and because spills can happen anywhere, companies are at the mercy of the local contractor for work quality and cost of clean-up. A botched clean-up project for a transportation spill on the Massachusetts Turnpike turned into a problem with environmental regulators and a legal claim.

The Environmental Services Provided:

SAK Environmental was retained by LandStar Transportation to first rectify problems with the clean-up project with environmental regulators. Following that, SAK was retained by LandStar’s legal counsel, LeClair Ryan a national law firm, to provide expert testimony to support LandStar’s claim against their first contractor regarding unnecessary cleanup costs.

SAK serviced as legal counsel’s sole designated “environmental expert” for the case. Our work included peer review and testimony in areas of pollution assessment, groundwater contamination, remediation methods, and emergency response. This required detailed analysis of hundreds of documents (technical reports, correspondence, regulatory records, invoices, and daily labor sheets). Expert opinions were delivered via affidavits and legal depositions.

Summary of Services

  • Expert Testimony
  • Technical Review of Assessment and Remediation
  • Groundwater Contamination expertise
  • Emergency Response expertise

The Result:

SAK’s work put the case on a strong legal footing which forced a settlement in favor or our client.