LEED v4’s Ambitious Energy Requirements

USGBC LEED v4The much-anticipated LEED v4 was unveiled at USGBC’s Annual Greenbuild Conference in November 2013, although registration under the new system will not be required until as late as June 2015. Among the most notable changes to the new LEED v4 system are the new energy efficiency levels required in the Energy & Atmosphere categories.  By including ASHRAE 90.1-2010 instead of ASHRAE 90.1-2007, the new LEED v4 system pushes project teams to achieve even greater energy performance than required by LEED 2009. High-performance geothermal heat pump systems can help projects achieve their energy reduction goals by harnessing the efficiency of geothermal energy.

SAK Environmental has LEED-accredited professionals with experience providing geologic and engineering expertise for multiple geothermal well design and construction projects. Contact Maureen Sakakeeny, PE, LEED AP at 978-688-7804 for more information on meeting the requirements of the LEED v4 system and reducing your project’s carbon footprint on the environment.