Water Line Construction for MWRA

Client: MWRA/Albanese Brothers
Sector: Construction
Location: Lynnfield and Saugus, MA
Service: Construction Support, Permitting & Compliance, Pollution Assessment & Remediation

The Challenge:

MWRAThe Massachusetts Water Resources Authority embarked on a major project to construct nearly 2 miles of water line along the densely populated commercial area of Route 1 in Saugus, Massachusetts.

Prior testing indicated the presence of urban fill, metals and residual petroleum contamination in soil and groundwater, which needed to be tested and properly managed throughout the project. Contract documents included several environmental protection requirements for the duration of the project to address on-site health & safety, management of soil and groundwater, and inspection.

The Environmental Services Provided:

SAK Environmental provided comprehensive construction monitoring to address on-site health & safety, management of soil and groundwater, and inspection. SAK prepared a Hazardous Materials Health & Safety Plan, Excavated Materials Management Plan, MCP Utility Release Abatement Plan notification, NPDES Remediation General Permit application, and Dewatering Treatment Plan. These plans required careful analysis of the prior hazardous materials reports and test results, and close coordination with the contractor and MWRA representatives. SAK I provided onsite environmental monitoring and compliance inspections throughout the 18 months of construction on the project.

All work was performed at night and required off-site temporary storage of excavated soil. Groundwater management was a challenge in low lying areas, particularly in jacking pits, to manage large quantities of dewatering discharge. Dewatering was discharged directly to the ground after treatment where possible, and to surface water under a USEPA RGP Permit.

Summary of Services

• Construction Support
• Hazardous Materials Management
• NPDES Permitting
• Remediation Design (Dewatering)
• On-site Monitoring and Inspection
• Health and Safety Plan

The Result:

SAK worked with the MWRA to add value and manage situations real time in the field, providing cost saving alternatives to meet compliance requirements while in full environmental compliance.