Solar PV Development

Client: The Cadmus Group
Sector: Government
Location: Methuen, Carver, Dalton MA
Service: Sustainable Development, Permitting and Compliance

The Challenge:

Methuen-Carver-Dalton-MA-solar-PV-developmentCommitted to sustainable design, The Cadmus Group helped municipalities to develop solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays to offset traditional electricity costs and generate renewable energy through a Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) grant program for Technical Assistance.

The Environmental Services Provided:

SAK’s role was to assess feasibility, conduct site and environmental reviews, investigate MEPA and NEPA requirements and thresholds, MADEP, and local or other permitting requirements. SAK also assisted in writing the RFP, attending pre-bid conferences, and working with local conservation boards regarding permitting for sites in Methuen, Carver, and Dalton, Massachusetts. SAK reviewed submitted bid packages and design submittals for two of the sites.

In Methuen, a capped landfill was selected as the best location for a 1.2MW system. SAK calculated the maximum, potential size of system (given slopes and solar exposure), and investigated current landfill conditions and regulatory status. The identification of any wetland areas or endangered species are also issues to assess when performing a feasibility analysis for PV solar array sites. SAK worked with MA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and DOER on Post Closure Landfill Use permitting requirements, as well as obtaining a formal MEPA advisory opinion exempting the project from ENF review.

In Carver, the 112kW system was to be located along a MADOT Highway Easement and interconnect to a new water supply plant in a wooded conservation area adjacent to the highway. SAK determined that possible issues of concern were historic and culturally significant cranberry bogs, endangered species, wetlands, groundwater resources, and erosion control on a state highway embankment. Detailed information was submitted to DOER for evaluation by US DOE for NEPA exclusions, and SAK presented to the local Conservation Commission.

Summary of Services

  • Sustainable Development
  • MEPA and NEPA Review
  • Permit and Design Review
  • Pre-Construction Support
  • Bid Documents

The Result:

SAK successfully assisted Cadmus and two municipalities in implementing a successful investment in renewable energy, while reducing energy costs.