Massachusetts Bill (SB1970) Will Create Incentive for Renewable Thermal Tech

Renewable Thermal Energy OptionsThe Massachusetts Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (APS) was established in January 2009 under the Green Communities Act of 2008 to reward businesses and homeowners for installing eligible alternative energy systems. Early last year, Sen. Barry Finegold (D-Andover) filed Massachusetts Senate Bill 1593 (now SB 1970) – An Act relative to credit for thermal energy generated with renewable fuels which adds renewable thermal energy technologies to the list of alternative systems eligible under the APS. By awarding Alternative Energy Credits to renewable heating and cooling technologies, this bill provides a powerful financial incentive to invest in and develop these technologies.

SB 1970 is well on its way to becoming Massachusetts law. In February 2014, SB 1970 was voted out of the Joint Committee on Telecommunication, Utilities, and Energy and will move along to the Senate Ways & Means Committee. There are still a few more steps to clear before the bill’s final passage, which include:

  1. Approval of the Senate Ways & Means Committee
  2. Senate Floor Approval
  3. Approval of the House Ways & Means Committee
  4. House Floor Vote
  5. Governor’s signatures

SB 1970 supports sustainable renewable thermal energy resources and will allow Massachusetts to become more energy independent. As Ed Malloy of New England Renewable Energy Systems stated during a July 2013 hearing in Boston, “This is quite possibly the most important piece of legislation for renewable thermal energy in the country.”  Visit or contact Steve Sakakeeny at 978-688-7804 to learn more.