Waste Ban Compliance

Client: Wheelabrator Technologies
Sector: Industrial
Location: Millbury, North Andover, Saugus, MA
Service: Permitting & Compliance, Sustainability

The Challenge:

millbury-ma-wheelabrator-technologies-industrial-permittingWorking in compliance with their Class II Recycling Program Permit, Wheelabrator Technologies participates in this enhanced program that allows MADEP and the facility to earn Carbon Credits to sell.

The Environmental Services Provided:

Acting as a third-party, independent inspector, SAK is providing on-site Waste Ban Compliance services on incoming solid waste loads to three waste-to-energy incinerators. SAK’s inspectors and office staff work with designated facility personnel to aggregate facility load data and compile detailed documentation and a statistical analysis of “failed loads” for submittal to MADEP. SAK inspectors monitor up to 200 loads on each inspection day at each facility, and provide detailed documentation on failed loads. Inspection data for this innovative program includes information on waste ban items were present in each load, and an estimated quantity. Generator information is also collected to identify what types of waste generators are not recycling to the maximum extent.

A comparative analysis report is prepared quarterly, which utilizes a combination of facility-provided data and inspector generated data to statistically analyze the percentage of failed loads reported by the receiving facility and SAK inspectors.

Summary of Services

  • Recycling and Waste Minimization
  • Facilities Inspection
  • Permit Compliance
  • Third-party Inspection
  • Regulatory Reporting

The Result:

SAK provided detailed data and a benchmark for continuous process improvement that will ultimately reduce waste ban materials and improve recycling by the waste generator. Financial benefits to MADEP and Wheelabrator for participation in the enhanced recycling program.