NPDES Stormwater Program and Construction Permitting

SAK Environmental Principals spoke at the continuing education seminar entitled, Environmental Compliance for Building Professionals on the subject of NPDES storm water program and Brownfields site assessment and remediation in Massachusetts.   The seminar, held in Natick, Massachusetts was sponsored by Half Moon Seminars of Wisconsin, and was geared to issues of concern for architects, engineers, and construction professionals in New England.
Presenting Stormwater Programs and Brownfields Site Assessments
Massachusetts has a robust Brownfields redevelopment industry in both the public and private sectors.  Site discovery is accomplished via environmental due diligence following USEPA’s All Appropriate Inquiry rule and ASTM Standards.  Release reporting and response actions for contaminated land and water are driven by the Massachusetts Contingency Plan regulations which rely on a Massachusetts Licensed Site Professional to certify that work was performed properly.

SAK Environmental has experience in all phases of Brownfields work including due diligence assessments, MCP compliance, remediation, hazardous material building surveys for asbestos, lead based paint, and other materials, and contract administration.

NPDES, or the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System, is a Federal program that has been in place since the Clean Water Act of 1972, and encompasses an umbrella of permits for different conditions.  The program was implemented to reduce pollutants entering the nation’s waterways, and is focused on protecting water quality.  EPA Region 1 is the permitting authority for Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and approves General Permits and Individual Permits for owners and facilities.  Refer to EPA’s Region 1 website or the National NPDES page for more information.
NPDES storm water program and Brownfields site assessment and remediation presentation.
SAK Environmental has obtained permit coverage under NPDES for several industrial and construction clients on a variety of projects including the NPDES Construction General Permit (CGP), Remediation General Permit (RGP), the Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP), and the Non-Contact Cooling Water Permit (NCCWP).

Please contact environmental engineer Maureen Sakakeeny with your NPDES questions or with an opportunity to present similar topics to other venues or clients at 978-688-7804.