Land Acquisition

Client: Town of North Andover
Sector: Industrial
Location: Lawrence, MA
Service: Pollution Assessment & Remediation, Permitting & Compliance

The Challenge:

north-andover-ma-pollution-permittingThe Town of North Andover was unexpectedly presented with a real estate purchasing opportunity that would fulfill their capital building master plan for a new police station. The two story building was the site of a former financial facility built in the 1980s. Assessments needed to be performed to determine if a release of oil or hazardous material occurred at the property.

The Environmental Services Provided:

SAK conducted ASTM Phase 1 and Phase 2 environmental assessments for the expedited due diligence process. Assessments included site inspection and review of municipal and MADEP files to identify ownership history and land use, stormwater and wastewater management, and identification of wetlands. The overall regulatory compliance status of the facility was evaluated to determine environmental and health risks.

SAK conducted a subsurface investigation to evaluate soil and groundwater quality and groundwater flow, due to Recognized Environmental Conditions at the property. Three soil borings and the installation of groundwater monitoring wells were performed. Soil and groundwater was sampled and analyzed for petroleum, solvents, metals, and caustic cleaners.

Summary of Services:

  • Environmental Assessment
  • Facilities
  • ASTM Phase 1 and Phase 2
  • Stormwater/Waste Water Review
  • Review of Overall Compliance Status at all Regulatory Levels
  • MCP Compliance

The Result:

SAK determined that no reportable contaminants were present and the town proceeded with the important acquisition on time.