Gas line Extensions/Soil Pre-Characterization

Client: NSTAR Electric & Gas Company
Sector: Industrial
Location: Massachusetts State-Wide
Service: Pollution Assessment & Remediation

The Challenge:

nstar-ma-industrial-pollutionA major utility company installed new gas service throughout eastern Massachusetts and required pre-characterization of environmental conditions of soil along the proposed utility alignment to comply with corporate policies and regulatory requirements.

The Environmental Services Provided:

SAK served as the environmental consultant to review and research all available data including the MADEP Priority Resource Map, as well as MADEP’s searchable waste sites list. SAK obtain Street Opening Permits and Police Details to conduct the field work.

Four foot deep soil borings were advanced under SAK supervision. Soil was screened in the field for total Volatile Organic Compounds in headspace, using a PID meter, following MADEP protocol. SAK collected two soil samples for soil disposal characterization – TPH 8100, PCBs 8082, VOCs 8260 & 5035, Semi-VOCs 8270, Flashpoint, pH, reactive Cyanide and Sulfide, total RCRA 5 metals, and specific conductivity.

Summary of Services

  • Environmental Site Assessment
  • Soil Pre-Characterization
  • Environmental Resource Assessment
  • MCP Compliance and MA LSP Services
  • Soil Management

The Result:

SAK prepared summary letter reports to pre-characterize soil conditions for workers health and safety, and soil management requirements under NSTARs Environmental Policies and the MCP.