SAK Environmental Helps State Agencies with Real Estate, Operations, and Energy Projects

Since 2012, SAK Environmental has been assisting Massachusetts State Agencies to expand recreational space and support energy conversion projects thrDSCN0418ough its state-wide contracts. Pollution Assessment and remediation services are only a few of the services SAK has provided to the Massachusetts Department of Recreational Conservation (DRC). In Ashburnham, MA, we have been able to reuse 25 acres of woodland from private ownership to public and passive, recreation space. The efforts it took to make this land reusable included the removal of soil waste and contamination from previous unauthorized dumping, and from a private shooting range. Acquisition and protection of the land is a part of DCR’s land acquisition program to conserve valuable woodland for public enjoyment.


SAK is assisting the Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance (DCAMM) in an energy improvement project at the North Central Correctional Institution at Gardner, MA (NCCI-Gardner).  The facility’s central plant was converted from burning oil to natural gas. SAK is providing pollution assessment and remediation services for petroleum released from several former underground petroleum storage tanks used to power the plant. To keep the construction project on schedule, SAK completed a rapid assessment of subsurface conditions and an interim risk characterization which determined that remediation was sufficient for construction to continue.