At SAK Environmental we offer peace of mind to our industrial clients, especially health and safety managers and facilities managers . From permitting and compliance to emergency response, our industrial clients know they can count on SAK to assess their environmental concerns and risks and mitigate these risks in a practical manner. We keep abreast of all regulations, communicate with regulatory agencies on our clients behalf while adjusting our schedule to ensure your timeframes are met.

Why consider SAK as your environmental partner? We are proven and practical. Below is our list of services for Industrial clients. Refer to the side bar for project descriptions and a link to the list of our Industrial clients.

SAK Environmental Services for Industrial Clients:

We can best serve your industrial environmental concerns as your environmental partner. We operate naturally as an extension of your team – providing the hands on field work, the ongoing monitoring and emergency response when and if needed. We will not create unnecessary work, but we are going to protect your business from environmental risks working to ensure your facility remains in compliance. Let us worry about the deadlines and filing details, while you focus on running your business.

If you have multiple facilities, let SAK ease your burden of permitting and compliance.

If you are looking for assistance in facility decommissioning, we have experience and can ensure you leave a clean footprint behind.

Don’t let environmental compliance and frequently changing regulations bog you down. At SAK Environmental, we are here to help.