Site Remediation

When it comes to site remediation, there are many options — and often they are complicated.

Options may include: contaminated soil removal, treatment, and recycling; in-situ treatments; groundwater treatment; bioremediation or green remediation; natural attenuation.

Decide on the right option for your business.  Secure proven experts that will work with you to develop and deliver a site remediation solution that is practical, cost effective, and meets YOUR goals.

Ensure your goals for site remediation include one of the following:

  • Closing out your site
  • Reducing or minimizing non-compliance fines
  • Avoiding lengthy and costly pump and treat operations for groundwater treatment
  • Making sure the site is clean and safe for re-use, human occupancy, and re-development
  • Making vacant, contaminated land work for you – including energy generation by solar or geothermal systems.

Our remediation experts are well versed in the regulations, and have designed and implemented dozens of remedial systems to treat all types of contaminants on Brownfields sites, Superfund sites, landfills, gas stations, and commercial manufacturing operations. You will benefit from our complete set of environmental remediation services to meet any contingency.

Our experienced team of hydrogeologists, chemical and environmental engineers, and regulatory specialists are eager to help you with your site’s remedial solution.

SAK’s Site Environmental Remediation Services include:

  • Risk assessments
  • ASTM Phase IV
  • Response Action Outcome (RAO) statements
  • Activity Use Limitation (AUL)
  • Vapor intrusion, indoor air quality
  • Pollution remediation
  • AST and UST removals
  • Emergency response spill cleanup
  • Brownfield EPA remediation
  • Transportation accidents and spills
  • Groundwater remediation, bioremediation, chemical oxidation, LNAPL
  • Solvent, lead, PCB, asbestos, petroleum remediation
  • Professional Engineer (PE) services
  • Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services
  • Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) compliance
  • Green remediation, sustainable remediation