Facility Decommissioning

SAK Environmental provides complete environmental remediation services to ensure a physical property, building, manufacturing plant and/or lab is decommissioned along with the thorough documentation required.

Without a trace.  Is your manufacturing company relocating or consolidating operations? Facilities decommissioning ensures no environmental footprint is left behind. It can also fulfill corporate or leasing policy requirements, documents that you did not leave any environmental risk behind, and avoids future liability.

Environmental responsibility. The goal of decommissioning is to remove chemical or biological residues that may have been deposited from manufacturing or laboratory activities. Sometimes federal, state or local rules require decommissioning; sometimes the work is voluntary and fulfills the corporate environmental responsibility policy to leave a clean space and healthy work environment.

Document, document, document. SAK will prepare and execute a comprehensive decommissioning plan in areas where there is potential contamination and conduct a methodical and systematic evaluation of conditions to evaluate and remedy contaminant residues inside the facility, including any asbestos, groundwater or other pollution remediation issues. The plan establishes sampling and analysis protocols, and provides for detailed documentation of the work performed.

Distressed or foreclosed property? SAK has provided facility assessment and decontamination for other clients preparing a distressed property with known or unknown environmental conditions for sale/re-development.