The Impact on Development of Waste Site Cleanup Rules

MA Waste Site CleanupIn March 2014, The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MADEP) finalized significant changes to the Massachusetts Contingency Plan, which are the rules that govern the discovery, reporting and cleanup of spills and contaminated sites.  The changes bring both regulatory relief and additional burdens to the AEC community and owners.  Beneficial changes include recognition of contamination caused by “Historic Fill” as a pre-existing condition, a performance based approach to demonstrate sufficient cleanup of petroleum product layers, and simplified Site outcomes as either a Permanent Solution with or without Conditions, or Temporary Solution.  New requirements include additional notification requirements to maintain the effectiveness of land use restrictions and more involved investigation and remediation of vapor intrusion into existing and new buildings.  These changes and many others are expected to be effective this summer.  Go to MADEP’s web site to see all related documents.

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