Massachusetts Deadline Requiring the Removal of Single-Walled Underground Storage Tanks On the Horizon – Start Planning Now

Single-walled underground storage tanks (USTs) that are either in use or temporarily out of service, and store oils and fuels must be removed from the ground by August 7, 2017. Prior to this date, use of single-walled tanks was allowed provided leak detection monitoring was conducted.  That ends August 7, 2017. USTs storing fuel oil for on-site consumptive use are exempt from this requirement unless the UST is temporarily out of service, in which case it must be removed.  Temporarily out of service USTs are tank systems that meet performance standards in the regulations for this status.  USTs that are not actively used or temporarily out of service are considered abandoned and must be removed immediately.  Click here to access MassDEP’s full UST regulations, Fact Sheet, and Q&A.


Don’t I have plenty of time to comply?

That depends on your organization and operational needs. UST removals can be expensive particularly if the UST(s) leaked such that remediation is required.  Costs can range from $10,000 to $100,000 depending on the number of tanks and extent of pollution. Costs can be higher if you’re replacing the tank system.  Budget planning should start now!

How SAK Environmental can help

SAK provides turnkey services for UST removal and pollution cleanup across New England. Our experienced engineers, LSPs, remediation specialists and construction managers guide you through the maze of regulations. Our team is led by professionals with more than 25 years of consulting experience in retail petroleum, industrial and government markets.  We’ll prepare specifications for UST removal, provide bidding assistance, pollution assessment and remediation, and comply with applicable regulations to complete the project expeditiously and cost effectively.