NPDES Permitting and Construction Support

Client: Veolia Boston Energy
Sector:Construction Support
Location: Boston and Cambridge, MA
Service: Construction Support, Pollution Assessment and Remediation, Permitting and Compliance

The Challenge

boston, cambridge veolia boston energyVeolia Energy’s new 7,000 foot steam line will connect existing excess steam production from Cambridge to meet Boston’s steam energy demand, while eliminating the need for discharge into the Charles River, improving environmental conditions. The new steam line crosses the Charles River and operates under multiple environmental permits.

The Environmental Services Provided

SAK Environmental is Veolia’s on-site Environmental Engineer providing environmental management and permit compliance support for all segments of the project.

SAK prepared USEPA NPDES RGP and CGP permits, SWPPP training, coordinated with local Conservation Commissions and the design team, prepared a detailed Excavated Materials Management Plan with associated AutoCAD drawings, prepared Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP) reports, including URAM and BOLs for soil disposal.

SAK Environmental provided oversight of the excavation and management of contaminated soils, the dewatering and treatment of contaminated groundwater, field sampling and analytical testing, erosion control monitoring, and regulatory reporting throughout the project. SAK Environmental Licensed Site Professionals (LSP), engineers, scientists and field techs were involved in the monitoring and inspections – working closely with Veolia Energy’s Construction and Environmental Health & Safety Managers to complete an environmentally responsible project. Contaminated urban fill was properly managed, removed and/or recycled in accordance with the MCP URAM.

The construction work is broken into seven distinct Segments, bid under 3 distinct construction contracts, and construction phasing includes day and night work.

Summary of Services

  • Construction Support
  • Pollution Assessment
  • MCP Compliance
  • Pre-characterization of Soil and Groundwater
  • Hazardous Materials Management
  • NPDES Permitting
  • SWPPP training
  • Erosion control inspections

The Result

SAK supported Veolia Energy North America as a major contributor to improving water quality in the Charles River, while fostering economic growth downtown, and proactively managing energy resources throughout the region.