Zero Waste Facility Certification


Thermo Fischer Scientific is a world leader in scientific products and services with $17B in annual revenue worldwide.  TFS is also a leader in sustainability and retained SAK Environmental to audit and certify their Bedford, MA facility as a Zero Waste Facility where at least 90% of generated waste is recycled.

TFS retained SAK Environmental to perform a third party audit and certification of their 100,000 s.f. Bedford, MA campus where Life Technologies Inc., a TFS division, performs manufacturing, research & development of life science products.  Up to nine tons per month of solid waste is managed that includes municipal solid waste, e-waste, drums, lab-ware, and residuals.

Certification included a detailed audit of their image002solid waste management plan and recycling activities, compliance of actual practices with that Plan, interviews with all waste management vendors and on-site inspection where necessary, and reconciliation of Owner solid waste management data with observed activities.  Certification was based on validated performance over 3 consecutive months.