SAK Environmental, an environmental consulting and engineering services firm, is proud to take a practical approach to sustainable solutions. From air to soil to water, we test, analyze and remediate to best protect and preserve our client’s business interests while attaining environmental compliance.

From public to private sector clients, we offer thorough, high quality work, practical advice, and common sense solutions at a “best value” price. Throughout New England we offer a wide range of services that address the 3 primary needs for environmental services:


Industrial clients, government agencies, construction companies and many others count on SAK to keep them current on ever-changing regulations (Federal, State, Municipal) and to offer them practical insight into how environmental regulation changes affect their business initiatives. Typically, we operate as a logical extension of our clients’ teams for ongoing environmental advice and insight saving time and headaches.


As environmental situations require remediation, we have the expertise and proven track record to deliver a wide range of remediation services ranging from emergency hazmat spills to facility decommissioning.  Our clients appreciate the quick, thorough and practical approach to ensuring environmental compliance while protecting business interests.


SAK’s approach is achieving the right balance to protect and promote the sustainability of your business, people and the planet, in that order. Our first priority is to understand your priorities, budget and timeline. Short term remediation and long term sustainable recommendations are all done within that context.  Our clients appreciate the balance of achieving environmental compliance with pragmatic business solutions. With SAK as your environmental consulting partner, you can be assured of triple protection: profits, people and the planet.