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Draft USEPA Dewatering & Remediation General Permit (DRGP) Issued

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Draft USEPA Dewatering & Remediation General Permit (DRGP) Issued

Jul 15, 2022

The 2017 RGP expired on April 8, 2022. The draft General Permit for Dewatering and Remediation Activity Discharges – the DRGP (Draft 2022 DRGP) in Massachusetts (MAG910000) and New Hampshire (NHG910000), federal facilities in Vermont (VTG910000), and Indian country lands in Connecticut (CTG910000) and Rhode Island (RIG910000) was published on April 26, 2022. Public comments will be accepted until May 26, 2022 and USEPA is not accepting permit applications until the new general permit is final which is expected in Q3 of this year.

The proposed new general permit will combine the expired Dewatering General Permit and Remediation General Permit as a combined Dewatering and Remediation General Permit (DRGP). The DRGP will provide coverage for discharges that are a result of four types of dewatering and remediation activities: 1) Site remediation; 2) Site dewatering; 3) Infrastructure dewatering/remediation; and 4) Material dewatering for four types of wastewaters: 1) Groundwater; 2) Stormwater; 3) Potable water; and 4) Surface water. Once final, the DRGP will replace the DGP that expired on May 20, 2020 and the RGP that expired on April 8, 2022 that have been administratively continued.

Stay tuned for updates and contact SAK for assistance.  SAK provides comprehensive permitting and field services for wastewater, storm water, soils management, air emissions, and waste site cleanup to construction, industrial, and government markets.


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