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Our Culture


At SAK Environmental, we perform safely the same way we breath the air – all the time.  Safety is an everyday culture for us from corporate policies to weekly "safe" meetings, to job safety plans.  All employees participate. 

  • SAK maintains a Grade "A" with the 3rd party auditor, ISNet World;
  • SAK meets safety standards at OSHA VPP sites;
  • All employees maintain OSHA Construction Safety Training
  • All employees maintain OSHA HazWopper Safety Training


SAK Environmental is "mission-focused" to help solve today's complex environmental challenges facing clients, and that requires collaboration – within and outside our organization.  How do we collaborate? By broadly training our staff to better understand and communicate with other experts we may work with such as design engineers, construction managers, facilities managers, government, and manufacturing.  The result is new ideas and cost effective solutions.

New Ideas

Solving today's environmental challenges demands new ideas, because environmental considerations are woven into every aspect of economic activity.  Where do new ideas come from? They come from fully understanding a client's risk tolerance, testing regulatory assumptions, and applying technologies that make sense.  SAK Environmental's new ideas have helped our clients minimize disposal costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and secure operating permits that enable business growth.

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