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Energy production and delivery is more complex than ever before. SAK's expertise delivers creative environmental solutions for construction of new facilities, expansion, and maintenance of energy infrastructure. We work with power, cogeneration, and waste-to-energy providers to provide a full range of environmental services that includes due diligence, permitting, waste minimization, emissions compliance, and monitoring.

Featured Energy Projects

recycling meets renewable energy credits
Min Waste Max Resources - Recycling Meets Renewa
power plant construction
Power Plant Construction
Geothermal Well Permitting Compliance
Norwood Theatre

Public, Municipal & Government

Public projects require the deepest foundation of trust because our work is an extension of a community's trust in SAK. We serve state agencies, cities, and towns, and our experience includes k-12, colleges, recreational areas, correctional facilities, and office buildings. We provide a full range of environmental services to ensure a safe environment for the communities our public clients serve.

Featured Public, Municipal & Government Projects

Sick Building?
MassDOT Construction Support
Desktop Geothermal Feasibility Study

Solid Waste

The solid waste industry plays a vital role to responsibly manage waste from our consumer economy. It is a complex and heavily regulated industry. SAK provides a full range of environmental services to all segments of solid waste management that includes recycling programs for generators, transportation support, and facility-based permitting, inspection, and environmental monitoring at landfills, monofill, and incinerators.

Featured Solid Waste Projects

recycling meets renewable energy credits
Min Waste Max Resources - Recycling Meets Renewa
Landfill Closure
Solid Waste - WTE
Markets Solid Waste - WtE

Real Estate

Real estate development is fast pace and high stakes. SAK takes a forward thinking and nimble approach to efficiently identify and mitigate environmental challenges that keeps projects moving forward. Whether its acquisition or divestiture, we work closely with stakeholders through planning, design, permitting, decommissioning, and construction phases of a project. Our portfolio includes Brownfields, Greenfields, commercial, industrial, residential and mixed-use development.

Featured Real Estate Projects

Ensuring A Healthy Home
Lending & Investment
Urban Renewal

Chemical Intensive Facilities

Good chemistry happens everywhere to make the products we enjoy and the healthcare we need. SAK has the specialized chemical experience needed to support these chemically intensive facilities whether it's educational laboratories, life science R&D, petrochemical plants, pharmaceutical production, or repackaging operations. Our engineers and scientists deep dive into your chemistry to provide a full range of services that include permitting, laboratory decommissioning, waste minimization, and emergency response.

Featured Chemical Intensive Facilities Projects

Chemical Fire
Contract Manufacturing Plant
Chemical Plant
Petrochemical Plant


Construction is the most important phase of development in regards to environmental, health and safety. EHS challenges are encountered by design and by surprise. SAK is geared for both the expected and unexpected whether it be securing environmental permits, hazardous materials in buildings, transportation and disposal of contaminated soil, and the safety of your crews. We provide a full range of environmental services to Owners, Designers, OPMs, CMs, and GCs that fulfill contract document requirements and regulations, at the intensity that construction requires.

Featured Construction Projects

power plant construction
Power Plant Construction
Supporting Multiple Locations With Construction Services
MassDOT Construction Support

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