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Regulated Waste Site Cleanup, Construction Services: Central Plant Fuel Conversion

Markets PMG - Central Plant Fuel Conversion

The Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance (DCAMM), the state's building agency, has been performing energy efficiency upgrades at facilities across the State.  For North Central Correctional Institution (NCCI), a medium security correctional facility, this included convertion of the Central Plant from oil to natural gas.

As a prequalified contractor to DCAMM, SAK Environmental  provided assessment and remediation services regarding closure, removal, and remediation of oil releases from several large capacity petroelum underground storage tanks.  This included Licensed Site Professional (LSP) services, subsequent to the reporting of a release of No. 6 oil from one of three USTs located adjacent to the heating plant and completion of Immediate Response Action (IRA) to assess the nature of the release and provided an initial remedial cost estimate to excavate and dispose up to 300 cubic yards (cy) of contaminated soil. SAK was able to quickly familiarize themselves with the project and provided timely and effective consulting services to facilitate continuance of a tight construction schedule to rehabilitate the heating plant before winter.

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