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Asbestos, PCB, Lead Paint, Regulated Waste Site Cleanup, Construction Services: Highway Bridge Replacement

Highway Bridge Replacement

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation, Highway Division started a bridge replacement project in historic mill city Lowell. The project included replacement of a highway bridge, full depth road reconstruction, and storm water drainage improvements.

Urban fill was reported during the design phase, but not to the extent encountered by the General Contractor when earthwork began.  Immediately beneath top soil significant amounts of solid waste was encountered.  It turned out the municipal and construction waste was used to fill and narrow the crossing when the original bridge was constructed.  May be a money-saving option at that time, but not for the current project.  The material was structurally unsuitable and contaminated with bulk and fiberouos asbestos, and heavy metals. 

SAK Environmental designed and managed exploration and excavated materials management which as conducted as a Non-Traditional Asbestos Abatement.  Detailed health and safety protocols were implemented in order to identify and export over 4,000 cubic yards of asbestos contaminated soil.  SAK combined a practical construction approach with environmental, heath and safey protections to facilitate construction.  This inclcuded precharacterization fo soil, live load-out, and an on-site USDOT certified truck scale. SAK's work included Plan design, construction administration, air monitoring, and advanced planning with regulators to keep the job moving.    

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