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Asbestos, PCB, Lead Paint, Environmental Due Dilligence, Construction Services: Main Academic Building Renovations

Main Academic Building Renovations

As a prequalified environmental contractor to the Massachusetts Division of Capital Asset Management & Maintenance (DCAMM), SAK was selected to perform a hazardous materials survey on the North Shore Community College’s main academic building – McGee Building, to establish a baseline of hazardous materials in the building prior to planned renovation.

The facility is a 160,000 SF, three-story multi-purpose academic building containing classrooms, laboratories, gymnasium, cafeteria, library and offices.

SAK conducted a detailed inspection of the entire building, and collected and analyzed representative samples of building materials. Contaminants of concern included asbestos-containing materials, PCBs mercury containing equipment, lead-based paint, refrigerants, and containerized waste and raw product storage. Regulatory compliance, chemical management, and wastewater management in science labs was reviewed to determine contamination to plumbing and HVAC systems. SAK’s work was performed in two phases – 1) visual assessment and inventory of building products (ACM, lab sinks, fume hoods, thermostats, fluorescent lights,  and raw chemical storage) and 2) sampling and analysis. SAK coordinated closely with DCAM, NSCC facility personnel, and site security during each phase to minimize disruption to building use and expedite work which was limited to nights and weekends.

SAK organized a sampling plan and data collection/analysis, and provided reports to DCAM and the design team for use in future renovation and improvement project budgeting and specifications. Recommendations for proper waste management and cost planning were included.

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