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Markets Solid Waste - WtE

Wheelabrator Technologies is an industry leader in the safe and environmentally sound conversion of everyday residential and business waste - and other renewable waste fuels - into clean energy. Wheelabrator pioneered the waste-to-energy industry in the U.S. when it designed, built and operated the first commercially successful facility in 1975.

Since 2006, SAK Environmental has been providing comprehensive environmental compliance services to Wheelabrator’s three (3) Massachusetts waste-to-energy (WTE) plants.

Our work includes management of their enhanced solid waste ban inspection, characterization, and reporting program - a significant operating permit that allows the facility to earn (and sell) carbon credits; ash characterization during stack testing where our work requires collection and handling of ash samples in accordance with strict handling and safety protocols; third party inspection and certification of above ground storage tanks in accordance with API 653 requirements; support during scheduled plant outages that includes waste characterization and cleanup of discovered oil or hazardous materials releases. 

SAK provides emergency and scheduled response to releases of oil or hazardous material at the WTE facilities.  Releases include ash handling systems, trash trucks, air pollution control systems, and landfills.  Our work has included 24 hr emergency response, environmental sampling, regulatory reporting, MCP and CERCLA compliance. We take full advantage of Wheelabrator's ability to reuse its own waste in its contact cooling water systems and ash monofills.  It provides for a greener cleanup by reducing the remedial carbon footprint and at considerable cost savings to the client.  

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