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Jabil Inc. is a global manufacturing solutions provider that delivers comprehensive design, manufacturing, supply chain and product management services to the automtive, electronics, defense, energy, transporation, and other major markets. 

Since 2003, SAK Environmental provided environmental compliance services to Jabil's 250,000 square foot electronics manufacturing facility.  Our work encompassed the "environmental life-cycle" of the facility, from facility construction and startup, operational compliance, to facility decommissioning.

SAK’s environmental compliance work included multi-media compliance audits to support their ISO 14001 EMS; air, storm water, and waste water emissions permitting; pollution prevention, tank inspections, toxic use reporting, and waste minimization planning.  

Every step of the way, SAK was focused on keeping Jabil compliant as cost effective as possible.  When Jabil ramped up to service a military contract, production was generating excessive quantities of hazardous waste water too contminated for their existing on-site waste water pretreatment system to handle.  Off-site disposal was terribly expensive.  SAK's solution was to permit the opeaatoin of an evaporaator system that got rid of the water and concentrated contaminants down to small quantities. Same waste just less of it. The technology was easy but the permitting was not.  SAK was the first in the region to secure the operating permit under new provisions of the state's hazardous waste regulations that allowed "treatment" of the material but not be considered a RCRA Part B regulated treatment facility.  The cost savings was considerable.

When the facility was slated for closure, Jabil turned to SAK to develop a comprehensive work plan to decommission the plant which included termination of operating permits, decommissioning of an industrial wastewater pretreatment system and decontamination of the building from Lead dust caused by soldering operations. 

The goal of the decommissioning was to ensure that Jabil Circuits would be able to leave the facility in a responsible and safe manner. SAK established a methodical and systematic evaluation of conditions to evaluate and remedy contaminant residues inside the facility. A pre-decontamination sampling plan was developed and carried out by SAK to identify areas that required decontamination. In addition to carrying out sampling activities, SAK managed the cleanup contractor, and worked with them to ensure the most efficient decontamination of the facility.  


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