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Chemical Plant

A chemical manufacturer and private investors planned to acquire and permit a 28-acre idle chemical manufacturing facility. The 15 building campus included manufacturing, R&D, and administration offices. The plant maintained state of the art cryogentic air pollution and water pollution control facilities.

SAK Environmental's work included a comprehensive review of the proposed development and environmental permitting. The review included Environmental Impact, state, USEPA, NFPA, Homeland Security, and other rules. SAK completed an extensive ASTM Phase I of the property that included an in-depth review of chemical/waste management, identification of over 40 spill, and inventory of 30 above and below ground tanks. A Phase II sampling plan of over 15 borings and groundwater monitoring wells to assess current subsurface conditions was performed.

The project planned for reuse of 9 existing building that has been idle for over 5 years. A major component to the project was air emissions and permitting. Sources include research and development centers, reactor vessels, boilers, and underground and above ground storage tanks. Based on projected manufacturing activities, a Comprehensive Plan Approval application was required for the facility.

SAK assigned a specialized team of chemical engineers, chemists and air permitting specialists because of the project's complexity. The emissions review included boiler requirements for heating and manufacturing, chemical feed stock, intermediary and final chemical product, and emissions from storage vessels and emergency generators. Because of the project's size, pre-application meetings were held with regulators to identify key concerns and anticipate permit conditions. Permits were  designed to meet the client's goal for long term business growth.

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