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Environmental Due Dilligence, Regulated Waste Site Cleanup, Emergency Response Services: Energy Distribution

Markets Energy - Energy Distribution

Eversource is a leading distributor of electricity and natural gas in New England with over 3.7 Million customers in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire and serves the most densley populated areas. 

Beginning in 2009, SAK Environmental has supported Eversource's real estate, construction, and decommissioning needs as their distribution system changes and improves.

SAK's work included precharacterization and soils management to support upgrades to natural gas mains; decommissioning of major urban and smaller suburban electrical substations, decommissioning of Area Service Centers for divestiture; ASTM environmental due diligence to support land acquistion for new infrastructure; and emergency response.   Techncial services included hazmat surveys and abatement of buildings and equipment; TSCA cleanup for PCB contamination; and multimedia environmental monitoring.

SAK worked with environmental, real estate, legal, and operation departments, and all projects met strict deadlines and budgets.

A unique challenge was the decommissioning of substations in western Massachusetts were some substations were located within the flood plain to the Housatonic River that was subject to PCB contamination and remediation by others.  SAK evaluated substation conditions against over 30-years of river cleanup to demonstrate the boundaries between the two releases via vertical profiling of contamination and Arochlor types.

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