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Since 1952, the Steel Art Company has manufactured premium quality architectural signage, metal letters and logotypes for customers across the United States.   In 2012, Steel Art expanded their business by relocating to a 50,000 square foot building in a suburan industrial park.

SAK assisted in property acquisition by performing an ASTM Phase I & II due dligence environmwntal assessment of the new property.  We also completed a renovation-grade HazMat assessment of the building for asbestos, lead-based paint, and PCBs in building materials to assist in interior construction.

With SAK Environmental's help, Steel Art took this opportunity to incorporate water and energy conservation management, and pollution prevention practices into the building redesign, equipment modernization, and modified process operations. For example, outside storage of equipment, supplies, and materials was entirely eliminated in the new facility to prevent contact with stormwater runoff. In turn, SAK was able to submit a “No Exposure Certification” to EPA and a stormwater discharge permit was not required. They also significantly reduced annual VOC emissions through the addition of dry paint booths, use of paints with lower VOC content, and miscellaneous spray booth equipment improvements. SAK determined that these changes reduced VOC emissions to below the threshold required for an air permit.

Our work helped lighten the regulatory burden and stretch the client's resources.

SAK continues to provide on-going environmental support to Steel Art. This work includes quarterly compliance inspections; employee assistance with VOC emission tracking, inspection checklists and audit follow up; preparation of written HazCom Plan; and, employee training.

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