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Buildings, Decontamination Services: Life Sciences

Since 2004, SAK Environmental has provided Life Technologies and Applied Biosystems support in relocation and permitting of their laboratory and R&D facilities across New England.  These divisional companies are world leaders in the biotechnology industry for instrumentation.

Unlike manufacturing sites, laboratories are relatively easy to relocate, but require extensive knowledge of chemical and biological agents to make any move safe for employees and the mixed-use building space they occupy.  Whether is an operating permit or laboratory decommissioning, SAK does a deep dive into chemical and biological agent inventories to identify risks.  For decommissioning, this information translates into site specific health and safety and decontamination plans and testing protocols.  The laboratories have hundreds of chemicals, from inert to unstable, and required SAK's detail to chemistry to understand their physical and health risk.  This meant that not only cleaning interior surfaces, but changing out neutralization systems, inspection sink traps, and ensuring both laboratory and general building HVAC systems were clean.

SAK oversees all work and performs chemical and biological verification testing, and certification for cleanliness by Certified Hazardous Material Managers and Certified Industrial Hygienists.

Our work minimizes liability for the client, and ensures clean space for landlord, new tenant or owner, and construction contractors refitting the space.   

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