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Regulatory Compliance, Construction Services: MassDOT Construction Support

SAK Environmental has been providing environmental compliance services to multiple construction companies contracted to work on MassDOT roadway and bridge improvement projects.  Services include routine contract required documents (HASP and SWPP), site specific soils management plans (SMP), asbestos non-traditional work plans, and other MCP required documentation. 

HASP and SWPP. Using industry-accepted templates and based on our experience, SAK is able to offer HASPs and SWPPs at cost-effective lump sum fees. From the date of authorization, SAK is typically able to issue initial draft documents within two calendar weeks. 

  • Site-specific Health and Safety Plan (HASP) focus on construction safety standards under OSHA regulations and incorporate site specific environmental hazards. SAK has conducted “tailgate” safety meetings prior to our client initiating the construction work.  

  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), required under the Clean Water Act meets the requirements of the NPDES Pollutant general permit.  

Soils Management. SAK provides services for the management and disposal of contaminated soils, including asbestos. SAK has prepared soil management plans and Non-Traditional Asbestos Work Plans to comply with MassDEP soil management requirements in a manner that is protected of human health and welfare. 

MCP Compliance. SAK provides on call LSP services for construction work where unexpected contamination is found. SAK prepares MCP required submittals and provides field inspection services to monitor contamination. Including asbestos inspector/monitors to document compliance at sites with asbestos contamination. 

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