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Environmental Brownfields, Environmental Due Dilligence, Regulated Waste Site Cleanup Services: Open Space

Since 2008, SAK Environmental has been helping the Massachusetts Department of Conservation & Recreation acquire land for Open Space. DCR manages state parks and oversees more than 450,000 acres throughout Massachusetts. It protects, promotes, and enhances the state’s natural, cultural, and recreational resources.  SAK provides environment due diligence services ranging from inspection to remediation on large tracts of undeveloped land across the state in accordance with ASTM and EOEEA Environmental Site Assessment procedures.   Examples are detailed below.

Gifts with Risks:

MassDevelopment proposed to gift to the DCR approximately 108 acres of land in Shirley, MA that was part of the original North Post to Fort Devens, a U.S. Army base, for wildlife protection and open space conservation. According to prior investigations performed by the U.S. Government, portions of the Lot were found to contain unexploded ordinance and dumped solid wastes. Under the U.S. Government's Base Realignment and Closure program (BRAC), the land was reportedly sufficiently remediated.  The DCR conducted their own due diligence investigation, utilizing SAK to review prior reports and conduct appropriate research in accordance with the MA EOEA’s land acquisition policy.  SAK reviewed response action reports performed over several decades by DOD contractors, and determined that risks were sufficiently mitigated. Once the due diligence was completed, MA DCR was confident acquiring the land.

Gun Shy:

DCR retained SAK Environmental to complete response actions on a large tract of undeveloped woodland in Ashburnham MA.  Although wooded, the original accumulated solid waste debris piles and set up multiple shooting ranges.  Petroleum and heavy metals contaminated surface soil and the shooting ranges contaminated surface soil and target berms and trees with lead shot.  SAK completed extensive grid-assessment to define the nature and extent of contamination.  Results were use to establish excavation limits.  Several hundred cubic yards of solid waste and contaminated soil was removed from the property.  Pollution levels were reduced to protect passive human use and wildlife.

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