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Regulated Waste Site Cleanup, Fixed Facilities, Construction, On-site Staffing Services: Power Plant Construction

Power Plant Construction

SAK Environmental LLC was selected by Iberdrola Energy Projects (IEP) as  the  Permitting  Coordinator and Environmental Manager  for  the  new  Salem  Harbor  Energy Center (SHEC). The SHEC, a new natural gas-fired, state of the are high efficient power generating station was built on a portion of the 65 acre former Salem Harbor Station, a coal-fired plant now being decommissioned.

The SHEC will provide high efficient, low emission power to over 600,000 New England homes.   The $1 Billion project included site preparation, construction of buildings for power generation, steam turbines, transformers and cooling towers, and commissioning. Site   civil   work included installation of more than 1,600 piles, 250,000 tons of imported backfill, 22,000 cubic yards of concrete, and installation of almost 30,000 linear feet of underground piping and conduit. The  remaining  47-acres  will  be available for improved waterfront access and development.

During this   multi-year   project,   SAK was involved and managed all aspects of environmental and interconnection permits, and management plans.  Activities were tracked via a matrix-style system developed by SAK. We worked hand-in-hand with Iberdrola and the Owner by embedding our team on-site to ensure close communication with design and construction teams. 

Responsiblities included obtaining and complying with permits for construction and operational waste water discharges; chemical process and storage tanks; construction storm water management; contaminated soils management; emissions stack testing; interconnections for high- pressure gas and high voltage electrical lines; noise and air quality monitoring, SPCC and Contingency Plans, and soil and water quality testing.

SAK provided turnkey services that included waste transporation and disposal; fractank storage; contaminated soil disposal; and environmental engineering services. 

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