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Minimizing Waste / Maximizing Resources, Geothermal Services: Desktop Geothermal Feasibility Study

RDK Engineers (now NV5), a national leader in design and commissioning of innovative mechanical building systems, relied on SAK Environmental to help the City of Newton, MA decide if a geothermal heating and cooling system was the right solution for the Newton Free Library.

The Library currently operates a chiller with two cooling towers formerly used in conjunction with an ice storage air conditioning system. The “ice melt” system has not been operational in several years and the current chiller is in need of replacement. A preliminary peak cooling load of 210 tons with an estimated annual peak load runtime of 1,000 hours was calculated for the building, for cooling only.

SAK completed a desktop feasibility study that included evaluating site conditions relative to the feasibility of constructing and operating a geothermal ground couple at the site. This included review ofhydrogeologic conditions such as depth to bedrock, rock type, depth to groundwater, and water quality; site restrictions due to wetlands, endangered species, reported hazardous material releases, aquifer protection and other sensitive receptors that may affect geothermal development at the site; and observations regarding property conditions related to available land area, slope, and equipmentaccess for construction. Consideration was made for two (2) geothermal ground couple technologies (vertical closed loop andstanding column well).

The study included conceptual design drawings (well field layout) and planning costs for construction, and annual O&M along with available government and utility company cost incentives.

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