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Regulated Waste Site Cleanup Service: Solvent Tank Farm Leak

Solvent Tank Farm Leak

A world leader in the biotechnology industry suffered a malfunction in their sensory systems at their above ground solvent storage tank farm. Both virgin and waste solvents overflowed from tank vents. 

The release contaminated soil and groundwater which was located in a drinking water protection zone. The solvents, Methanol and Acetone, are water soluble and therefore excellent compounds for successful in-situ chemical oxidation, but their high solubility also means they migrate quickly in groundwater. Time was of the essence.

SAK Environmental, LLC provided emergency response and comprehensive remediation design services.  This included a rapid assessment and remediation plan that included excavation of 500 tons of contaminated soil and aggressive groundwater treatment via chemical oxidation.  The groundwater treatment system included three 6 inch diameter recovery wells that contained the plume and send groundwater to a treatment tank where hydrogen peroxide was added.  The treated water was discharged to an infiltration trench to flush the plume and enhance treatment circulation. Contamination was contained on-site and the project was closed-out in 18 months. 

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