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Regulatory Compliance, Construction Services: Bridge Replacement: Asbestos In Soil

MassDOT replaced a bridge situated on contaminated fill and required the design of an asbestos in soil removal plan for soil along the roadway and bridge replacement. The project included replacement of a highway bridge, full depth road reconstruction, and storm water drainage improvements.

During the stripping of top soils, the Client encountered solid waste which included glass, brick, metal, and construction and demolition waste. Excavation for drainage structures revealed more significant amounts of solid waste. Asbestos containing materials in the form of pipe insulation and vinyl asbestos tiles were observed. Work was stopped and SAK was brought on board to help assess and manage the asbestos contaminated soils.

SAK researched and reviewed site history, prepared a sampling plan, analyzed analytical data, and prepared a Non-Traditional Asbestos Work Plan to comply with MassDEP soil management requirements in a manner that is protected of human health and welfare.

SAK coordinated with multiple landowners, including MassDOT, the City of Lowell, UMASS Lowell and DCR to complete a test pit program designed to delineate the asbestos waste at the site. The test pit program was designed to delineate the asbestos waste and precharacterize soil for disposal. The precharacterization allowed for the live loading of soils instead of stockpiling asbestos contaminated soils. SAK provided a full time asbestos inspector/monitor to document compliance with the Non-Traditional Work Plan.

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